Eat & Drink

Good food, good people, good times

When booking at Infinity Blu, you do not have to worry about what and where you will be having your daily meals and drinks as we provide it all for you within the hotel and it is all included in your package with no additional costs.

The only thing you need to make sure of, is that you come with an appetite for delicious food and refreshing drinks.

"The Open Kitchen" Restaurant

Scrumptious food is part of an unforgettable holiday. The Open Kitchen Restaurant offers a wide choice of dishes full of traditional, local recipes offering you the best smells and tastes of our island’s cuisine along with a variety of international themed cuisines. The food we offer is freshly cooked, plentiful and varied so you can be both adventurous and traditional at every mealtime.

"The Open Kitchen" Bar

The Open Kitchen Bar is available for all guests from the morning up until midnight serving a variety of coffees, juices, beer, cocktails, wines and spirits. Table service is provided here along with service around the pool to cool you down while basking in the sun.

Beach Bar

The Beach bar is located in the garden and a step away from the sandy beach. Guests relaxing on the sun loungers can savour the chilled out vibe of the beach bar, enjoying refreshing juices, a variety of coffees (hot or cold), iced-teas, cocktails and beers.

The beach bar is available to all guests up until 6pm.